Adventure 3D with cards

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Here's a raw translation of the note attached:

  • 3D Adventure
  • Each "room" / map has its cards pool the player can choose at the bottom of the screen otherwise one or several cards are "launched" following an internal timer reaching 0. Cards creatures, equipment, event, etc.
  • The game is played in first or third person view (player's choice), similarly to an Action/RPG.
  • * Unique ring/artefact: Explode the creatures around by "singing". Singing is 25% more clear / high-pitched? and slow. Limited via max life of creatures? If life too high a portion is removed only or mobs immune.
  • Via progression (levels taken), skill points gained allow to see X cards on the whole level (area in progress) before turning them over.
  • Minimum of cards to turn over to progress to the next area. Except if area way lower than the player level.
  • * Option to lock clicks on cards to avoid the unintentional summon of many cards (retractile bar of cards at the bottom of the screen)
  • Some cards will have a restricted use area. Secrets/Treasures? Need to find the secret place before? Then the card will light up. Real time "cinematics" / Boss.
  • Some cards to find / dust in the levels.
  • Aim of the game? Restore the world?

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