Experience on capitalism

Experience on capitalism - Notes

While the note is longer than most, there's still some context missing but the main idea is there i suppose. Confronting the player with his or her greed in a very small experiment.

Here's a raw translation of the note attached:

  • Experience (Money)
  • "Rich" family, unhappy, not feeling well in it.
  • Imitation restaurant, on site the family with which we were supposed to eat, and friends inviting us to a super soirée on a game before the shutdown of the game server.
  • It was occuring in a courtyard, then we pass under big portals leading to a street.
  • The experiment starts here. Movements: Left / Right + sprint. The left indicates the money.
  • A person (woman) "blind" coming from the right, she has some sorts of glasses, rather a mechanism which allow her to see, but look big lenses + cardboard. She passes in front of a dog and greet him/her, then if we don't run / don't move greet us too calling us by our name.
    She'll always be close to us, if we run, she'll start running.
    (1) At the end on the left, at the door, she'll end up kissing us (Ed.: Not a single idea of what i had in mind here).
  • Mirrors will be along the street. At the beginning we're normal, then our head becomes distorted the more we go to the left.
  • At the end on the left, an impassable door, (1) ends up occuring.
  • On the way, mirrors aside, what to put? Building midtown style (Metz)? Grocer's shop(s)? ...
  • "Press E to release eggs" (? in the dream, on the door at the end)
  • At the beginning, a bit on the left behind us a person of the same age(?)~, says "i can't figure you out". (i "was converting" people money was illusion as goal with example of 999 999$)
  • The view by default is in front of us on the right plane of the street. We can turn our head to the left and to the right, as well as turn the character to the left / right. The character and the view are always "turn to the left / right"* when we move.
  • To the left? Classic houses, greenery, ...

Text in italic corresponds to a part i don't understand fully when reading it.

Congrats on finding this little secret! I see you like breaking things.

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