Mix Megaman Risk of Rain

Mix Megaman Risk of Rain - Notes

A 2D Roguelike Action-platformer, with dungeons in 3D in first person.

Here's a raw translation of the note attached:

  • Game - character gameplay Megaman-like
  • With 2D in water, chests to open for more power & cie like Risk of Rain. Gameplay Terraria like possible. But kind of Spelunky ghost following us.
  • Out of the water, gameplay along a path in 2(3?)D iso where we explore the world.
  • Occasionally some dungeons appearing haunted manor shaped or else. Entering it, we have a gameplay like Paranautical Activity in 3D. Not necessarily "fast FPS", certain phases possible with stealth, puzzle / riddle, ... We can search all the chests, etc. Sometimes also in 2(3?)D iso to hide a part of the room? Maze?

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