Evolupix - Notes

Puzzle-game and Action-platformer (alternating) in 2D where you control a dead pixel.

I don't exactly remember the context when i dreamt of this concept. (D/M)isinformation is growing, and a field of science called Agnotology consists partly in studying it. In these notes, i mention TV as an example of enemies. Nowadays the sources are way broader, with social networks, etc. Even science is affected and a great documentary about it was "La fabrique de l'ignorance" (2020; en: "The factory of ignorance") produced by Franck Cuvelier and Pascal Vasselin, broadcasted by Arte.

Here's a raw translation of the note attached:

  • Char.: Dead Pixel
  • Puzzles with changes of the pixel color?
  • Special powers? "Magnet", ...
    • Magnet: Allow to grow, mass management
  • 2 modes: Puzzle-game / Platform/Action?
  • Puzzle-game: Avoid light, it reduces the Dead Pixel size (game mechanics)
  • Retrieve others Dead Pixels useful in boss fights? -> Goal of each level?
  • Destruction of TV (enemies) by itself: Entering in contact "blows" the TV up -> Bonus if 100% of enemies killed?
  • 3 "gems" to retrieve, the 3 colors: Red, Green, Blue, 3 boss? + white final boss?
    If 3 gems reunited, Dead Pixel revives? What to do next?
  • New concept -> Turn off all the lights of a level (they are forming a word? "OBEY", etc...?), bonus levels? sort of lightning weapon? Disable 1/1 pixels lit up.
  • Several 2D planes in a level (depth), crossing from a plane to another via "doors" or teleporters?
  • Teleporters (portal?)
  • "Splitters": Allow to split your character to control several ones, activating switchs (simultaneously?), etc.
  • Possibility to enter in the dead pixels (walls) to move ("stamina" gauge?)

Congrats on finding this little secret! I see you like breaking things.

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