Here are the genres for which i feel confident to help you, with some games examples.
  • Puzzle games
  • Action-RPG
  • Racing games
  • Platformers
  • Shooters
  • (J)RPG
  • Others

QA Testing

I'll check everything you requested me to, making sure it works as intended. I'll find bugs and the steps to reproduce them, alongside with potential solutions when possible on my side.

Complementary to the others services, the focus here is really to detect any dysfunction. As usual, it can be targeted to one or a few components, or the whole game can be reviewed.

On a personal note, i try as much as possible to report any bug i find in games. Proper bug reporting is not done by players as often as we'd like. With a developer background, i guess it motivated me more to do so. Understanding an issue and finding its cause always followed me.

Congrats on finding this little secret! I see you like breaking things.

Sadly, this special content isn't ready yet (っ °Д °;)っ. Soon™!