Here are the genres for which i feel confident to help you, with some games examples.
  • Puzzle games
  • Action-RPG
  • Racing games
  • Platformers
  • Shooters
  • (J)RPG
  • Others

About me


Before i had the chance to play or own any video game, i got a few electronic games, mainly from my mom working at Tandy. Some of them:

  • The classic Tetris one,
  • A game where you control a car (left and right only) and keep going faster with multiple lanes and cars to avoid,
  • That "100s games in 1" handheld where these hundreds were not really different games but different modes instead, but still good enough.

I don't recall the exact timeline, but after that, i played various games on a Macintosh my father had. I recall one in particular, BeeBop II, a breakout game. Along with MozPong. There were also some grayscale games like an air hockey game, Shufflepuck (Café?). Maybe on a previous Macintosh he had and gave me, not sure. Apparently though, i had the bad habit to leave it crashed to avoid the long process a full reinstallation with the 5-6 floppy disks was.

I'll not do a full history here, and it'd be redundant content with what you can find under "Games and genres". But some big moments in there were when i got a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 + Diddy Kong Racing, and the Game Boy Color with Pokémon Blue.

Video games never left me since then. And i can't wait to see them keep growing.

The need to create

At some point, i wanted to create. It manifested as learning web development. Kinda still related to games in a way, as i did a site referencing sites like Prizee or Kadokado, where there were games made in Flash and you could win some gifts. Little anecdotes on both of these 2 sites:

  • Prizee: They made their own codes you'd normally get by Audiotel (billing systems by phone, like Allopass). Except they were only 5-6 characters and already stored in their database, not generated on-the-fly, so easily brute-forceable. Sadly, i was quite young at this moment and used a Flash files (.swf) modifier shortly before, so that put the spotlight on my account, and they asked me to return the few hundreds euros i earned with the brute-forcing of codes, and i did. Bug bounties didn't really exist back then, and even to this day, saying to a company there's a vulnerability somewhere isn't exempt of risk... But they found out eventually, if i recall correctly.
  • Kadokado: Referral programs were a big part of all these sites. It turns out i had so many red gems, thanks to all the players who used my link to sign up and bought gems to play more, i couldn't use them all myself. A deal was made with Motion-Twin and someone who contacted me for my account as account sharing wasn't tolerated, which is quite common. Either all the red gems would be lost or all the referred. We kept the gems, and he played for a while on it. He was insane on the games, and we shared a bit the gifts won.

That aside, i then wanted to create a site myself with games. We did this adventure in duo, and it didn't go as far as i wanted regarding the games. Mainly due to issues with service providers, so we ended up on the games part with scratching games mostly, but it lasted a few years.

Where we at

I kept coding, helped here and there like the Ultime Décathlon, a seasonal speedrunning event lasting 4-5 months with 10 games to learn. First by helping a bit with the spreadsheets, then by creating a site for the next season with the help of Anxest for the web design. Quickly joined by a few more developers who had been working on it since.

Web development was already starting to be quite boring to me though, and that's why i'm now offering my services here, mainly game design consulting. What passionate me the most in video games is the gameplay, and i like to help whenever i can. So this made the most sense to me.

Years after years, the more games i played, the more i've been able to better analyze them and see the issues some have. A double-edged skill to have when you just want to enjoy a game you play, but a helpful one i want to put at your disposal.

Congrats on finding this little secret! I see you like breaking things.

Sadly, this special content isn't ready yet (っ °Д °;)っ. Soon™!