Eat Fate

Eat Fate - Notes

Not a game idea but a plot. For the context, it might be around the time i saw the movie "Time Out" (2011; en: In Time) written and directed by Andrew Niccol.

Here's a raw translation of the note attached:

  • TV show? Movie? "Eat Fate"
  • What if we were all as human on the network? If we could take control of objects, people, edit / control / kill / ... them
  • A source code to learn this possibility to everyone.
  • You're the only one to know it via a sort of "watch" which displays you a different ID at each reset. With the ID: teleport, ... (infinite)
  • Someone approaches you and forces you to communicate him how is it occuring the more you discover the operation (Ed.: I think i meant as you are saying some bits of info on how it's working, you keep understanding everything better). He threatens you to publish the source code on Internet. Thing that finishes to occur. At this moment, this person (the uploader) dies.

Congrats on finding this little secret! I see you like breaking things.

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