Obscure puzzle game fragments

Obscure puzzle game fragment - Notes - Language Obscure puzzle game fragment - Notes - Time

These little notes, or at least for the alphabet originated from thoughts after i played FEZ.

Here's a raw translation of what can be translated from the notes attached:

  • Language: Morse code? Audio only? + Vibrations; Counting possible with the -|-
  • Honeypot: Make the player believe to a possible glitch and lead him/her in a special room with a jar of honey.
  • Quest without reward, then yes: matrix key, matrix access (white + player's choices oriented)
  • future -> past -> present (puzzles to solve in this time order or else); from the future: recovery of a useful item
  • past -> present -> future to change future times twice in a row, or recovering an item from the past lost since.
  • Puzzle-game time based, the switch between them, ...

Congrats on finding this little secret! I see you like breaking things.

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