Mix Minecraft Terraria

Mix Minecraft Terraria - Notes

Taking several aspects of 2 major sandboxes and trying to improve on it. With an Action-RPG aspect.

One major twist: A "reality" setting to make it a good learning tool on how everything works in our world. From how to make a fire, to how to make your own electricity, etc. You could still disable it if wanted.

It'd be in 3D, with each block of the world which can be split in 8 smallers. The action would lean more toward Terraria than Minecraft regarding the bosses, weapons, etc.

Here's a raw translation of the note attached:

  • (building aspect required) isometric is an issue - Indie game
  • Survival Minecraft-like, more realistic by player's choice
  • 2D? 3D? Isometric? / Action-RPG also, unlimited progression, ...
  • Cell-shading (less problems with graphics?)
  • Unlimited level-up with growing difficulty + monsters scaling / evolutions (lvls / 100: 1 to 100, 101 to 200, ... Max 1000?)
  • Multiplayer, differents modes:
    • Easy: Scaling on the smallest player level around?
    • Normal: Scaling on the one hitting/aggroing first.
    • Hard: Scaling on the players around the monster (cumulative, radius to define)
  • The elements would be in "bits"? 1 stone block = 8 bits, ... (or 4 due to 2D iso? even 3D...)
  • Unique quests to extend the inventory or others (ranking up at level 100, 200, ...) and random daily quests from the different NPCs (unlockables @ Terraria?)
  • Dungeons Roguelike-style? With boss at the last level of the tower.
  • Each weapon/tool will have a different durability depending on the material used, and the more we use the tool, the more the durability will increase (perks?)
  • Experience gain with different activities aside combat alone: Exploration, crafting, gathering, etc.
  • 3 to 5 realism modes (0: Disabled (Low), Normal (High), Max)
  • 5 difficulty modes (0: None (Incompatible with realism?), Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardcore)
  • Switching from block mode / 1/8 block by a key, TAB by default
  • Story mode (solo / multi?) with chapters (The Age of Fire, ..., Electricity)

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